Super Heroes! Wand Set

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Act of Power Super Heroes! Wand Set

From the left in the organic bamboo pouch

Super Powers for you: Nuumite; Galena; Dioptase; Pollucite
Time Travel: Meteorite; Hawk's Eye; Velvet Tourmaline; Lepidolite; Lightning Struck Quartz
Concious Dreamtime: Phenakite; Lapis; Moonstone; Celestite
Genius Brain & Intuition: Shungite; Aquamarine; Yeh Ming Zhu; Nepal Quartz
Super Body: Pyrite; Tiger Ore; Rose Quartz; Lithium Crystal

Looking to delve deeper into the meanings of the wands in this set? Check out Stonecombinations by Marilyn & Thomas Twintreess!
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