Earth Peace Warrior Wand Set

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Earth Peace Warrior Wand Set.

Starting from the left in the Organic Bamboo Pouch:

Core of Earth & Centering

1.) The Mountains & Vortexes: Black Garnet; Snowflake Obsidian; Copper, Desert Snow Quartz
2.) The Sun & Stars: Sunstone; Cerrusite; Iolite; Himalayan Quartz
3.) The Oceans: Red Coral; Chrysocolla; Jade; Shell
4.) The Skies & Weather: Tourmalinated Quartz; Dumortierite; Celestite; Yeh Ming Zhu

Shamanic Companions & Guides

5.) Crystalline Magi: Red Jasper; Amblygonite; Prehnite; Rutilated Topaz
6.) Dragons: Shungite; Tourmaline; Thulite; Lithium
7.) Dolphins: Phenakite; Emerald; Golden Selenite; Kunzite
8.) Eagles & Birds: Hematite Quartz; Rhodochrosite; Aquamarine; Clear Quartz
9.) Trees & Herbs: Dendritic Aragonite/Cuprite/Malachite; Yellow Quartz; Amazonite; Pakimer Diamond
10.) Fruits & Flowers: Rainbow Obsidian; Labradorite; Wavellite; Amethyst
11.) Spirit Families: Chlorite Quartz; Celestite; Turquoise; Pollucite

Wand Size: Approx 5"x0.2"

Looking to delve deeper into the meanings of the wands in this set? Check out Stonecombinations by Marilyn & Thomas Twintreess!

Made in New Mexico, USA
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