Pagan Symbols Ring (Bronze) Style 2

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This bronze pagan symbols ring is an exquisite piece of art. It's engraved with a cauldron, crescent moon, broom, pentacle, wand, athame, chalice and pointed witch hat - all intricately crafted and beautiful to behold. This unique accessory offers a sense of protection and empowerment for those who choose to adorn it. Whether wearing it as a fashion statement or to deepen one's spiritual practice, this ring will offer its wearer strength and guidance on their path.

Bronze Pagan Symbols Ring - a beautiful and meaningful accessory for spiritual practice
Cauldron - a symbol of transformation, abundance and protection
Crescent Moon - a representation of divine feminine energy, mysticism, and mysteries
Broom - connected to the element of air, it is often used in spells to bring forth change
Pentacle - symbolizing protection, balance, and unity with the Earth’s elements
Wand - associated with power and guidance as well as creativity
Athame – an ancient tool used for cutting objects and protecting the user from spiritual forces Chalice – signifying fertility, magic & wisdom
Pointed Witch Hat– Symbolizes knowledge and craftsmanship.
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