Ra Patina Statue 8"

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A majestic patina statue of Ra, the Sun God, rises before us, emanating an aura of divine power and mystique. The statue's form seems almost alive, as if it holds within it the very essence of the sun's life-giving energy. Its bronze patina finish glows with the warmth and radiance of a thousand suns, as if Ra himself has come to life in solid form.

The intricate details of the statue's design are a masterpiece of Patina style, with every curve and line crafted to perfection by the hands of skilled artisans. Ra's muscular form is depicted with a commanding presence, his powerful limbs and broad chest radiating strength and authority. His head is held high, crowned with a magnificent headdress resembling the sun's disc, while his face bears a regal expression, as befits one who rules over the heavens.

As we gaze upon this remarkable statue, we feel a sense of awe and reverence, as if we are in the presence of a true deity. This is no mere work of art, but a sacred object that embodies the very essence of the sun god, Ra. Truly, this patina statue is a testament to the enduring power and majesty of this ancient deity.

Size: Approx 8.25"x1.5"

Made in Egypt. Some variations in color may occur.

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