Winged Scarab Patina Statue 3.5"

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The Winged Scarab statue made to look like Patina is an exquisite piece of art. The statue is carefully crafted with detailed texture, giving it a unique and antique look. The Patina coating gives it an aged and weathered appearance that adds to its beauty and charm.

Metaphysically speaking, the Winged Scarab statue holds great significance. The Scarab beetle is an ancient symbol of rebirth, transformation and protection, and the wings add to its strength and power. The statue can be used as a focus for meditation and visualization in rituals related to transformation, inner growth, and spiritual evolution.

The Patina coating on the statue is believed to enhance the energy of the Scarab and help in connecting with ancient wisdom and knowledge. It is believed to attract positive energy and abundance to the surroundings where it is placed. The statue can also act as a protector against negative energy and entities.

Overall, the Winged Scarab statue made to look like Patina is a stunning piece of art with great metaphysical properties that can aid in personal growth and spiritual transformation.

Size: Approx. 3.5"x4"

Hand-crafted in Egypt. Slight variations may occur in size, shape and color.
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