Ra Golden Mummy Statue 6.5"

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Behold, a mystical creation born from the hands of mortals, yet imbued with the essence of divinity. A statue of Ra, the Sun god, adorned in the hues of gold, glistens in the light of eternity.

There, in the brushed strokes of each detail, lies the essence of life and death, a union of the mortal and the immortal, encapsulating the very fabric of existence. For within its hand-sculpted form, the mysteries of the cosmos are whispered, and the secrets of the universe come alive.

And so, gazing upon its radiance, one can feel the warmth of the sun and the touch of immortality. A symbol of power, a manifestation of divine presence, the hand-painted Ra the Sun god golden mummy statue stands eternal, a beacon of hope and wisdom for all who seek it.

 Size: Approx 6.5"x2"

Hand-made in Egypt. Slight variations in size, shape and color may occur.
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