Tutankhamun Sarcophagus Statue

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Introducing the stunning Tutankhamun Sarcophagus Statue, a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted and handcrafted masterpiece from Egypt that exudes an aura of metaphysical style. This meticulously crafted statue pays homage to one of history's most enigmatic pharaohs, King Tutankhamun, and captures the essence of his legacy with its breathtaking design.

Standing tall at 7", the statue is a true testament to the skill and craftsmanship of the Egyptian artisans who brought it to life. Expertly carved from high-quality materials selected for their durability and aesthetic appeal, the statue features a striking representation of King Tutankhamun's iconic sarcophagus.

Every detail of the statue has been painstakingly hand-painted by skilled artists who have spent countless hours perfecting its intricate designs. From the gold embellishments and hieroglyphic inscriptions to the richly detailed colors and patterns, the statue is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of ancient Egypt.

This Tutankhamun Sarcophagus Statue is not only a beautiful work of art but also a symbol of the pharaoh's enduring legacy. Its metaphysical style invokes feelings of awe and reverence, making it the perfect addition to any home or office space. So, whether you're a history buff or simply looking for a unique and captivating piece of art, this Tutankhamun Sarcophagus Statue is sure to impress.

Size: Approx. 7"x1.5"

*Handcrafted. Slight variations may occur in size, shape and color.

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