Smoky Quartz Pendant .925 Silver (N)

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Delve into the magnificent world of earth-born treasures with our handcrafted Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Smoky Quartz Pendant. Each piece is meticulously handmade in the USA, ensuring a unique and personal touch.

The pendant showcases a captivating Smoky Quartz stone that originates from Brazil, known for its high-quality gemstones. The stone is beautifully wrapped in sterling silver wire, highlighting its natural beauty and charm. With its smoky hues and enchanting depth, this pendant will add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

The pendant measures approximately 2.25" in length, making it a statement piece that is not too overwhelming. It's a perfect balance between subtlety and attention-grabbing allure.

But this pendant isn't just about aesthetics. Smoky Quartz is known for its powerful properties and positive energy. Each pendant comes with an information card listing the stone's attributes, which include Manifestation, Grounding, Antidepressant, Stability, Intuition, and Calming Fears.

Wearing this pendant can serve as a gentle reminder of your inner strength and potential. Whether you're drawn to the Smoky Quartz for its aesthetic appeal or its healing properties, this pendant is more than just an accessory, it's a symbol of inner growth and personal power.

Add this Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Smoky Quartz Pendant to your collection and embrace the positive vibes it brings. This is not just jewelry, it's a journey towards a more mindful and grounded life.

Handmade in the USA

Size: 2.25"

*Natural stone. Stone may vary slightly in size, shape, and color than the one pictured. Wrap Style may vary.
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