Om & Dorje Pendulum

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Introducing the exquisite Om and Dorje Pendulum, a beautifully crafted spiritual tool that brings together the powerful symbols of Om and Dorje to create a stunning pendulum for meditation and divination. Measuring approximately 7" in length, this pendulum is designed with a balance of elegance and functionality.

The pendulum features an enamel Om pivot, which represents the universal sound of creation and the divine essence that pervades all existence. The vibrant enamel coating captures the eye and adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design. With its intricate details, the Om symbol serves as a gentle reminder of the interconnectedness of all things.

Suspended from the pivot is the Dorje bob, a striking representation of the indestructible power of truth and enlightenment. The Dorje, also known as a Vajra in Sanskrit, symbolizes the transformative force of spiritual energy and the unwavering determination to overcome obstacles on the path to awakening. Its unique shape and design embody the perfect union of wisdom and compassion, making it an ideal focus point for meditation and spiritual practice.

Together, the Om and Dorje elements of this pendulum create a harmonious blend of ancient symbolism and modern craftsmanship. Whether used for dowsing, meditation, or as a decorative piece, the Om and Dorje Pendulum is sure to inspire and uplift the spirit. Its captivating design and spiritual significance make it a meaningful gift for yourself or a loved one seeking to deepen their spiritual practice.

 Size: Approximately 7"

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