Elemental Birth Imprints by Marilyn & Tohmas Twintreess

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This is an extremely vital and important book AND our most important Workshop and learning/practice and one of our most favorite things to share. This is a pre-personality system that allows us to link to Union instead of personality as we evolve on our path. We have been sharing/teaching this Workshop now for a few years around the world and here, finally, is the Guidebook to support that personal work.

We love working with the Elementals, the devic Spirits of the elements—Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Ethers. Everything on this planet, including her, is made up of these elements in some perfect, magical alchemy that ever dances to release blocked energy and to create form. The moment before you are born, the Elementals imprint you with a particular combination of the elements. When you know this imprint and its energetic qualities, you can feel that pre-birth moment and spontaneously remember your perfect union and wholeness and connect with life in a more harmonious way. Yes!

In this book, we listen to the Elementals and share how their qualities continually affect our life and our choices.
For us, this is the most immediate, simple, core way to see how our Spirit chooses to express our divinity through our human forms:

Learn about an Elemental Birth Imprint and how it relates to unconditionally understand your true self.
Find out how to use the innate gifts and magic of your EBI.
Release old obstacles and struggles through the freedom of your EBI
Meditate and Align with the Elementals
Work on your relationships through the innate harmony of your EBI
Attract the most supportive people, work, play, service, events, etc., with the blessings of the Elementals.
If you have never received your EBI before, hopefully this book will inspire you to contact us to receive that shift of paradigm information that can empower you in any moment, in any situation.
If you already know your EBI, let’s put its magic directly to work! Bring your challenges and visions and dreams and and this book will offer Elemental practices and transformation to any area of life that you wish and more!
The EBI book also contains a section at the end relating all the countries of the world to Elemental Imprints.
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