Agatized Coral Fossil 4.5oz

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Agatized Fossil Coral is an ancient and majestic amalgamation of earth and water, bringing together the ever-shifting powers of time and nature. It is said to be a portal to the energy of our universe - containing knowledge that has been passed down through time in its very structure. Every piece is unique and special - crafted by the hands of time to bring forth something beyond ordinary understanding. This fossil coral carries within it a force so vast that we can only touch upon its power, bringing moments of clarity amidst life's uncertainties. A reminder to follow our inner compass, move with grace and trust our intuition - as this ancient stone holds power unlike anything else found in this world or beyond.

Origin: Tampa Bay, Florida USA

Size: Approx. 3"x4"

*Natural stone. Stone may vary slightly in size, shape, and color other than the one pictured.
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