Tibetan Flowers Incense Sticks

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Tibetan Flowers Incense presents the pinnacle of incense craftsmanship, skillfully handcrafted from a blend of 25 unique herbal ingredients, meticulously selected in accordance with Tibetan scriptural texts and under the expert direction of Dr. Pasang Yonten.

The majority of these rare, high-quality herbs are naturally cultivated in the pristine environment of the Himalayas. Harvested with great care to protect the natural ecosystem, these herbs undergo a gentle shade-drying process to retain their authentic aroma and superior quality. Our incense sticks are wholly natural, devoid of any synthetic substances, ensuring an organic experience for our customers.

Our incense sticks are particularly enriched with aromatic floral materials indigenous to the Himalayan region such as rhododendron, saffron, and artemisia from Tibet. The soothing and inviting fragrance of these premium incense sticks fosters a harmonious and jubilant ambiance. They effectively dispel mental exhaustion, pacify restlessness and during meditative practices, aid in achieving a serene, expansive state of mind.

Moreover, they serve as a natural purifier, cleansing the air and surroundings of negative energies.

Each package contains an average of 24 sticks, all lovingly handmade in Nepal, ensuring you an authentic and enriching experience of traditional Tibetan incense.

Average Contents: 24 sticks

Handmade in Nepal

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