Rituals of Manifestation Deck Guide Book by Marilyn & Tohmas Twintrees

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Perhaps the most magical, alchemical thing that we have ever participated in is the Rituals of Manifestation. One day, our Spiritfamily simply, immediately told us the source of how we manifest— of how we manifest anything. And then they graciously offered us Rituals, (that became these incredible cards that we could live with every day) because they knew that we, humans, need hands-on practices and reminders in order to actually live and co-create the most magnificent realities that we can choose. We co-created this “Rituals of Manifestation Deck Workbook,” with our Spirits…day in… day out… by living this Deck— these profound Rituals. While we were fully embodying these Rituals our Spirits showed us the intricate, glorious geometries of love, abundance and MORE! that were forming simultaneously. What we saw were the imprints of miracles. We breathed, lived, and wrote this workbook to offer you our Spiritfamilies’ wisdom and our experience of co-creating miracles— which await each one of us, beginning with a heart of willingness joining with a single Ritual:
Time is “how” you use your Lifeforce
Time = Lifeforce
Lifeforce = Time on this Planet, Earth.
The human invention of Time is a measure of Lifeforce on the Earth Mother where 2-leggeds can come together simultaneously with their Lifeforce meeting as magic! Time must expand now! In this season of evolution, it must stretch. Since humans hold
a definition of Time in their group consciousness, it must shift and become a more multi-dimensional measure.
Now is the Time! We invite you to go through the parameters of separation and allow and accept them
and then link them to union- Time into Timelessness.

Welcome to the companion Guide to the Rituals of Manifestation Deck: Loving, practical ways to manifest your true, chosen future, now.
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