Palo Santo 4"

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Palo Santo, also known as "holy wood," is a tree native to South America that is widely used for spiritual and healing purposes. It is a member of the citrus family and has a sweet, woody aroma when burned. Palo Santo is often used in rituals and ceremonies to purify and cleanse spaces, as well as to promote feelings of peace, love, and positivity.

In addition to its spiritual uses, Palo Santo is also thought to have powerful healing properties. It is often used to help with respiratory issues, anxiety, and stress, and may also be used to boost the immune system and reduce inflammation.

To use Palo Santo for spiritual or healing purposes, it is often burned as incense or made into an essential oil. The smoke is believed to have purifying and cleansing properties, and is often used to clear the energy of a space before meditation or other spiritual practices. Many people also use Palo Santo in combination with other spiritual tools and practices, such as crystals, tarot cards, or meditation, to enhance their spiritual growth and connection.

Size: Approx. 4"

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