We offer several lines of herbal combinations, homeopathic remedies, incense, vibrational tools, and high-quality soaps and personal body sprays providing healing and restorative essences. Some of the products and brands we carry include:



Shanti Kai Essences

Coyote Moon is proud to be the first retail store in the continental U.S. to carry these incredible vibrational sprays. Created in Hawaii from gemstone essences, Hawaiian orchid essences, color frequencies and essential oils. These therapeutic sprays might soon become your best friends! Sample “Clear My Space” followed by “Guardian Angel,” experience is believing with this product.

Heavenly Sprays by Pandrea

These handmade products can be used the same way you would use sage. It includes: 4 different types of waters (including moon water,) sage, sweet grass, Lavender and Peppermint essential oils with a few other cleansing and vibration lifting ingredients. These sprays are crafted with the purist intentions and you will notice a difference the moment you use them. Hand picked herbs and stems of Lavender are included in the spray bottles.



VitaJuwel Decanters, Gemstone Vials and ViA Gemstone Bottles

Rediscover one of nature’s most valuable secrets with VitaJuwel gemstone vials and decanters, and VitaJuwel ViA glass water bottles. “VitaJuwel ViA is a glass bottle with two openings. It’s made of high quality, premium glass and comes with an exchangeable bottom piece (“gempod”), filled with a selection of hand-picked gemstones.” Now you can join an ancient practice of energizing water with the healing power of gems, without the worry of toxins from the stones leaching into your water.  “23.5 billion gallons of water are filled in plastic bottles annually. 1,500 plastic bottles per second (!) are used in the Unites States. 80 % of these bottles are not recycled. Start to think green now and use refillable glass bottles. Patented worldwide, designed in Germany, manufactured in the EU using lead-free bohemian glass and fair-traded, conflict-free gemstones.”

Miracle II

Miracle II is perhaps the most remarkable line of health, hygiene and cleaning products available today. There are countless stories of amazing results attributed to their use. Its unique formulation includes oxygenated water, ash of dedecyl, calcium, potassium and magnesium without the harsh ingredients used in other detergents.


Highly scented soaps and sprays using quality ingredients like goat’s milk, soy wax, jojoba oil, shea butter, argan oil, and dragon’s blood. They add meadowfoam seed oil, rosehip oil and botanical extracts for vibes you can feel and use 100% pure essential oils to lay down a melody that hits the high notes.



Herb & Earth, Shoyeido, India Temple Incense and Incense of the West are just a few of the many incense varieties available. From stick incense and cones to traditional resins of Frankincense, Myrrh, Dragon’s Blood, Copal, Benzoin and Amber. Find a large selection of accessories including wooden or stone incense burners, 3 Kings Quick Light and Swift Lite Charcoals, tongs, cauldrons and Shoyeido ceramic incense burning bowls.



Unique and stylish pendants and earrings in sterling silver, with precious and semi-precious stones, from designers including Jewelry Factory, Goddess Designs, Sandy Rae, Shankari and local artisans Emily Annabelle Koro, Lagniappe Lapidary, and malas by Pandrea.

Rings of Power by Shankari

“Shankari Rings may be described as Talismans of Power. Handmade in Sterling Silver, set with semi precious Gemstones and Crystals, Shankari’s Talismans of Power are inspired and created in Sacred Space with clear intent. Tools of transformation supporting the evolution of your immortal soul, providing balance for your Mind, Body and Spirit as you take responsibility for manifesting your destiny.”



Crystal Journey Candles

Crystal Journey Pillar Candles are hand crafted in the U.S.A. using the finest waxes and exotic blends of essential oils. Each candle is designed to address a specific intention and comes with its own affirmation and inspirational message. We also have a selection of Crystal Journey Votive soy candles for abundance, protection, peace, money, healing and many more.

Ritual Chime Candles

Chime candles are a 4” general purpose, unscented candles with a burn time of approximately 2 hours. They are available in ten different colors, plus metallic gold or silver, and offered at a reasonable price for use with your rituals and prayers.

Glass Vigil Candles

Glass encased candles are unscented and available in specific colors, plain or with a printed surface, corresponding to the conditions they address. They generally burn for 4 to 5 days.

Bennington Candles

“Bennington Candle is a small shop in Southern Vermont, founded in 1997. It started out has a hobby from a love of candles and aromatherapy. They hand-pour each candle from their own custom blend of waxes, essential oils, and unbleached cotton wicks.

Their original candle line is made from the highest grade of paraffin waxes. They have also added a natural soy wax line made from renewable resources.”



Our Metaphysical Book Nook is ideal for those seeking to expand their knowledge of spiritual practices, cultural belief systems, alternative healing, crystal therapy, and magical traditions. Find selections by Scott Cunningham and Lucky Mojo Publishing Co, or inspirational writings from Hay House authors including Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue, Kyle Gray, and Wayne Dyer. Our leather bound blank journals are perfect for documenting your magical journey. Book selections change often, there’s always something new to discover!



Our selection of musical CDs offers the best in relaxation, guided meditations, Native American flute and drumming, chakra clearing, new age and healing sounds. Appropriate for your spa, salon, Reiki practice, massage setting, or home meditation. Ask to hear our demos to help you to decide your personal favorites.



Lucky Mojo Products

The Lucky Mojo Curio Company is a manufacturer of Hoodoo and conjure supplies, which include oils, sachet powders, incense, bath crystals and whole roots and herbs. “The Lucky Mojo Curio Company was founded in the belief that there is a real need in the magical community for traditional Southern hoodoo style magic oils made with genuine herbs and botanical fragrances.” Coyote Moon is thrilled to provide a variety of books and Lucky Mojo dressing and anointing oils to meet our customers’ needs.



Coyote Moon boasts a large selection of Tarot and Oracle decks, unique crystal pendulums, Runes, Ogham staves, crystal spheres and I Ching coins. Scrying mirrors and dowsing rods will be in stock soon!



Coyote Moon is your local source for White Sage, Cedar, Sweetgrass, Mugwort, Lavender, Palo Santo, Rose of Jericho and Yerba Santa! Find loose herb and specialized mixes from local grower Spirit Wildcraft. Perfect for use on altars or in your personal Mojo bags.



We offer showy mineral specimens suitable for decorating your home or office and the largest selection of tumbled stones available in Louisiana! Amethyst cathedrals, salt lamps, fossils, tea light holders, Merkabas, massage wands, pyramids, prisms, Selenite castles, stone hearts, spheres, Agate night lights, worry stones, and E-Ko rocks are a few of the many items from which to choose. Visit our list of crystals and minerals for an idea of what you can locate on our shelves.



Our assortment of gifts is extensive and changes often, including Deity statues, fairy doors, carved wooden boxes, calligraphy and sealing wax kits, wind chimes, pocket charms and fetishes, Kitra glass orbs and Olde English Witch balls, sarongs, scarves, purses, wool mukluks, tapestries, chakra banners, bumper stickers, magnets, window clings, aromatherapy chakra bracelets and light catchers.


You can find all this and more at Coyote Moon!