oil-1205635_1920-300Aromatherapy has been used since ancient times, especially in Europe. Essential Oils are derived from plants. Today there are a variety of distillation processes being used to produce the oils that we encounter as we shop. The type of distillation used to make an essential oil affects the quality of the oil. Too much heat in the distillation process robs the oil of its inherent medicinal qualities and can shift the aroma away from its natural healing scent. Sometimes chemicals are added to the essential oils diluting or changing them. If the oils are to be breathed or absorbed into our bodies it seems to us that we need to strive for the highest quality.

Coyote Moon is proud to offer one of Europe’s oldest aromatherapy lines. We believe the oils are among the finest made anywhere. Absolute Essential Oils, made using the ancient distillation system originally practiced by the Egyptians, Absolute Oils are very special.

It’s a line of pure organic oils that are wonderful to use on your body. They can also be mixed with our lovely body oils for a spectacular massage.

Absolute Essential Oils are everything you would want an oil to be. The finest essential oils are usually very expensive but Absolute Essential Oils are affordably priced. We know you’ll love them. Take a look at our list of essential oils.

Check out “The Aroma Mouse”, their wonderful electric air diffuser that ensures that no heat alters the effectiveness of the oils when used as aromatherapy. Priced at $40.00